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DeAnna Soth
Director of Instructional Design

DeAnna Soth is the Director of Instructional Design at ASU Online, EdPlus. She has designed higher education curriculum for over a decade, in a wide variety of disciplines. She has two master's degrees, in Adult Education and in Liberal Studies. DeAnna is also an ASU alumnus and a first-generation college graduate.

DeAnna has taught and co-designed ASU101, a one-credit class about student success, and has co-taught Master Class for Teaching Online for several years. Her teaching experience also involves corporate training and activism. DeAnna teaches basic makeup classes for women undergoing cancer treatment for Look Good Feel Better.

Gabriela Woody
Assistant Director, Learning Initiatives

Gabriela Woody serves as the assistant director of the Learning Initiatives Team (LIT). She is passionate about the inclusion of the historically marginalized groups in the higher education space and creating equitable learning outcomes for all students. She works to operationalize redesign efforts surrounding the high-Impact 35 online courses and supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives across the unit and the institution.

In addition to these pursuits, Gabriela enjoys reading, creating pottery, experiencing new food, and is a wife and mother. She holds a BSBA in Business Management as well as a MEd in Postsecondary and Higher Education.

John Ball
Online Learning Manager, Personalized Adaptive Learning Solutions

With a diverse academic foundation, John Ball holds an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from Arizona State University, an M.Ed. in TESOL from Oklahoma City University, and a B.A. in English Literature from Oklahoma State University. Since January 2023, he has held the role of Online Learning Manager at Adaptive and Personalized Learning Solutions. In this role, he has spearheaded the research on adaptive learning trends, enhanced platform efficacy, and helped to establish strong platform testing systems.

Kody Stimpson
Assistant Director of Quality Assurance

Kody Stimpson, the quality Assurance AD at EdPlus, is passionate about collaborating, problem-solving, and positively impacting the lives of ASU faculty and students. He values advancing impactful projects and using data to make informed decisions that increase students success and satisfaction with their learning experiences.

with over two decades of experience in the field of Instructional Technology, his career includes work with a competency based career school, a virtual K-12 school, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and finally ASU Online at Arizona State University, where he has enjoyed working since 2015. Kody earned an MS in Instuctional Technology and a BA in Spanish Teaching at Utah State University.

Lauren Leo
Assistant Director of Instructional Design for Open Scale

As the Assistant Director of Instructional Design for Open Scale within EdPlus, Lauren collaborates with the EdPlus team, ASU faculty and the broader ASU community. She works to ensure engaging, rigorous courses are created for our students. She is passionate about increasing student success, and is especially inspired by projects that empower at-risk populations with access to education.

Throughout her time at EdPlus, Lauren has been focused on the Open Scale initiatives in roles, such as an instructional designer, project manager and senior project manager. The Open Scale initiatives now includes two programs that focus on increasing access to higher education: the Master of Computer Science on Coursera and the Master of Sciences in supply chain management on edX.

Lissa Frésquez
Manager of Learning Technology Implementation

As the Manager of Learning Technologies within EdPlus, Lissa Frésquez leads a team that oversees the exploration, implementation, and management of educational technologies. She collaborates closely with Enterprise Technology and the Office of the Provost to enhance the digital learning experience for ASU students.

With over 30 years in education, Lissa brings a wealth of experience across diverse fields. Her career includes more than a decade of classroom instruction and another decade dedicated to technology integration through library services. Lissa empowers educators to seamlessly incorporate technology into their teaching, model effective use of cutting-edge tools in various learning environments, and create engaging, technology-enhanced learning experiences.

Maggie Dempsey Dotson
Assistant Director, Instructional Design

As an Assistant Director of Instructional Design at EdPlus, Margaret leads global education initiatives designed to expand ASU's mission to foster access, equity, and inclusivity in higher education partners, and ASU faculty across the US, China, and Taiwan, builds ASU Zai Xian, the first of its kind graduate degree programs delivered in Mandarin to students in China to remove language barriers for education access.

Maggie is passionate about building inclusive pedagogical practices that improve access and success for all students and is inspired by initiatives that serve social impact. Maggie is completing her Doctor for Education (EdD) degree in Leadership and Innovation at Arizona State University.

Mary Loder
Manager of Professional Development and Training

As the Manager of Professional Development and Training, Mary Loder leads the professional development and training initiatives, collaborating with the talented and experienced Instructional Design and New Media team to create dynamic, publicly available webinars and resources to support the global digital learning community. Mary works in partnership with Enterprise Technology and the Office of the Provost to ensure continuous growth and excellence in instructional design and delivery.

ASU Online Webinars and Workshops, and other initiatives like the Course Stories podcast, are open to the public. Access our "Professional Development and Training" page under "Our Services" to learn more. 

Matthew Robinson
Associate Director of New Media

Matthew Robinson brings 15 years of experience at ASU to the EdPlus team, including instructional design and higher education media production knowledge. Matthew attended ASU and received his BA in Journalism and an MA in Film Studies. Currently, he works for EdPlus as the Associate Director of New Media. The New Media team collaborates with faculty, building relationships to facilitate transformative instructional media production experiences in order to collectively create high-quality, innovative, efficient, and effective educational media. Matthew is a lifelong SunDevil who has consistently worked at the forefront of ASU's innovative approaches to online education.

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